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How to open uncollected arena crystal?

YashasweevardhanYashasweevardhan Posts: 13
edited March 2018 in Strategy and Tips
How to open uncollected arena crystal?

How to open uncollected arena crystal? 12 votes

Haji_SaabTrimbobSharkJawsPferderJuBgeMaldroit1pine_aplle 7 votes
With a trick
shchong2NuHuman_2099YashasweevardhanJulius_SeizureLorddrew 5 votes


  • With a trick
    Please comment if there is any trick
  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    edited March 2018
    I pop 10 at a time
  • With a trick
    The trick is to open 5 fgmc before you pop. This way, rngesus will feel bad for your 5 new 3* and he will reward you with 6 5* Punishers
  • Foxhero007Foxhero007 Posts: 633 ★★★
    very slowly with a intense stare and finger pointing at them saying "I will shoot you if you don't give what I want"
  • SharkJawsSharkJaws Posts: 78
    they set the permutation in the algorithm .. just hope of luck
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    The trick is to be out of gold on donation day, then you are guaranted to get units instead of gold from arena crystals
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    With a trick
    Try Open Sesame! It will work magic!
    LOL, just kidding. It's RNG, no trick required.

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