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9.2 MIL Alliance Looking for 1 Active/Strong Player To Grow with Us


9.2 mil alliance leader here. Our average member rating is 310k. We started this alliance from scratch so we have a lot of longtime and loyal members. Our main focus is AW due to the increase in war victory rewards and the bonus of the new Season rewards. We run an AQ cycle rotation every other week of 55532 and 55333. We do this because staying in Expert is no longer as important to us as it used to be. AW is our focus, so we don't waste resources on AQ donations. We're fine with bouncing between Expert and Advanced every other week, in fact, everyone has found the game much more enjoyable since making the switch. We run 3 battle group wars a week, and we're currently in the Gold 2 bracket and rising quickly. Aiming for a permanent place in the Platinum brackets next season after a couple of key personnel changes we've recently made.

We’re a laid-back, but active, knowledgeable, and very well organized group. We use the LINE App for communication. We accept the fact that people go on vacation and have lives outside the game in general. So being unavailable on occasion is fine as long as it is communicated in advance, otherwise, consistent participation and communication are expected, in both AQ and AW. Not taking down links in a timely matter, or having to constantly be tagged for movement is not going to be ok. Generally, we try to take links down as quickly as possible, otherwise, movement every 2 - 3 hours is fine.

Weekly donations are 66.7k Gold, 14.6k Battle Chips, 6.25k Loyalty. We don't have requirements for alliance events, but we do expect everyone to do their part. We don't have requirements because we never miss hitting all milestones in Duels, Item Use, or Completion. We don't force anyone to spend their time in arena unless they want to, so we don't always hit all milestones in the arena alliance events. I'd say we get there 50% - 60% of the time. We consistently finish in the 21% - 40% bracket for SA rewards every week, and occasionally we hit 6% - 20%.

Look me know if you're interested, or have any questions.

IGN: StL Suits
Alliance: ShadowPower (TSP)
LINE: jeff.ronald
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