Looking for a new alliance aq3-5, & aw, and event active


I am interested in joining after this aw season (8 days). Ideally, I'm looking for a alliance laid back and easy going, but also active and knows how to collaborate. Additional, I'm looking for an adult setting because I tend to not always have a filter. Also, there may be multiple players that would. As many as 10, but as few as 2 depending.


  • nonamesnonames Posts: 77
    Forgot to mention, line is a requirement for me to join and the alliance needs to be active through line. So, anyone that would like to contact me through line: fcknonames.
  • Look up [Th_T] or message redtide75. 5.7 mil alliance
  • KillerGMCKillerGMC Posts: 16
    i have an 2.3m ally, looking for good players in order to make AQ 3 and 4... we have line
    Check me at @KillerGMC in game.
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