8 Mil Alliance GLADIATORS In Need Of ONE!

We recently had two of our members put the game on hold due to real life circumstances and busy schedules. We used to be 9 MIL but those two were top summoners and so our rating fell. We are not looking for such high ratings however. We need two strong players to take their place now in terms of reliability and skill. We usually run 44445 in aq but with 1 more strong player subbing in we can run more 5. We like to finish all BGs 100 percent so we want to make sure that happens. We are currently Silver 1 getting to Gold 3 soon. Telegram is a must since Line is just no longer useful. We are friendly and mostly adults so this is a chill but really active alliance. We help you grow as you help us grow. Must be able to handle your own lane in AQ Map 4 AT THE VERY LEAST. There is no minimum rating required but it is strongly recommended to already have two 5/50s at least however that is not a deal breaker. But it's required to have eight 4/40s that will be used for war. Add me in game!
IGN: amirtos
Telegram : amirtos95
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