Looking for 6 Players for Semi-Serious Alliance

We are looking for up to 6 solid daily players for a fun and relaxed but competitive and reasonably skilled 2+ yr old alliance. Looking for players who want to continue advancing in the game without the daily grind that some of the more advanced alliances might require.

Adults only

Must use Line app

US Based, but we do have several members from around the globe and are able to work with players from anywhere.

Daily activity

Semi-Advanced game progression. Preferably Act 4/RTL/ROL complete. Uncollected please move to the head of the line.

War twice/week (Current Silver 3, Tier 10, been as high as Silver 2, Tier 8 and plan on getting back there, and then some).

Daily AQ - Currently running free maps until we get our numbers back up. Once we're full again will be running 53322 minimum.
No donation requirements until we start Map 5 again. Donations will be your share of the startup cost (30k Gold, 6k BC, 3k Loyalty).

SA, Item Use, 3 Day completion are focused events.

If interested, hit me up in game (ID Brew Swayne) or on Line (ID brewswayne)
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