Monthly updates to outdated/**** champs.

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With all the posts complaining about champs on these forums and Reddit, it got me thinking.

Why don't you guys, pick one of the champs that are considered bad by the community, due to the game evolving or just poor design/overlooked mechanics, and give them a bit of an update, every month.

Diminishing returns wreaked havoc on debuff stacking champs like ironfist/spidergwen.

Some champs have awkward buff stacking mechanics, like kamala khan.

And some just do weird negative effects like IPs armour break after his heal phase ends and Black bolts recoil inbuilt into L2.

Useless phases: spidergwens trap spider.

And some champs are just plain useless due to the introduction of champions with game breaking mechanics. (Howard the duck vs voodoo for example).

It would set the player base at ease if developers would take the time to update older champs that have been ravaged by the evolution of the game, knowing that their favourite champs will soon be useful and not left to rot in the depths of arena grinds. Other games make constant updates to characters to help 'balance' gameplay. Allowing players to play to their play style/or with their favourite characters.

Every character should have a decent use/purpose and no one should feel an overwhelming wave of disappointment when pulling certain characters from 4* and certainly not 5*

Most characters don't even need much to be a viable champ to use in this state of the game.
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