Screen rotates mid-battle

I'm pretty sure that its not my phone's problem, since this never happens outside of the game. I have screen rotation turned off, but still, in the middle of a battle even though i'm not holding my phone in a position that justifies a screen rotation, the screen flips, everything is upside down and i lose. Lg g4 c phone, anyone else having the same problem???


  • MhykkeMhykke Posts: 431 ★★★
    Are you playing while riding a roller coaster?
  • sbb75sbb75 Posts: 208
    This is a real problem. Hopefully Kabam comments... had a LG G4 and the same problem. It ONLY happens to this game. Now im using a Pixel XL and I have the same problem, also ONLY on this game but definitely less.

    When you are Fighting make sure to not cover any sensors. I think the proximity sensor near the front camera when covered and uncovered causes some reaction. Try using the phone on reverse side you are used too.. I found that made a difference. This issue drives me nuts.

    Officially Kabam never responded to me.
    Google did diagnostics and said its. Not the phone.. they said proximity sensor shouldn't matter but wouldn't say for sure since 3rd party developed it.
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