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Seeking Retirement Alliance

5300+ prestige, Line and In Game Name: BENJI830.Tired of the game. Log on every day or so. Looking for a place to chill and gather whatever rewards are reasonsble. Will play when I can.


  • CHATN01RCHATN01R Posts: 60


    Are you looking for a new alliance? Is your alliance not listening to what you have to say? Look no further! A new alliance has arrived, and they want you to join them! This power is starting off with three players, but with a rating of 352,000! We are experienced players!

    You're thinking this alliance must have some high rating requirements, but we are happy to inform you that we don't! All applications will be considered, but we prefer that you have enough 4* champions for Alliance Wars, ranked 3/30 or higher. Preferred, not required. We are willing to work with anyone who wants to grow and improve.

    Just as Hercules slayed many monsters, we will slay the monsters around us! We will do Quests and Wars as frequently as possible, on Map 2 and Map 3.

    We are a relaxed alliance, with families and jobs. We don't give you any pressure or stress of spending money or playing 24/7, and we aren't jerks who tell you when to play and when to move, but we do ask that you participate the best you can, during Quests and Wars. No required donations. Give what you want, if you want.

    We are perfect for players who want to grow without pressure, and for semi-retired or advanced veteran players who want to just have fun and enjoy the game again... and maybe help some others to improve. We understand that families and jobs come first.

    Line is strongly requested, as we have excellent communication. It will help you be heard by those in the leadership positions, and allow the sharing of information, to help us all improve. Get line lite; it will take less space on your phone. If you don't have line, but your roster is amazing... no problem. lol.

    Alliance Name: We Slay Monsters

    Please contact us so we can talk about the wonderful future you will have with us.

    Contact Info:
    Line: filmscorpion or chatblanc1996
    Game Chat: will Scorpio or CHAT N0IR
  • CazccddCazccdd Posts: 26
    Resum is specifically for "retired summoners" the ones who still log on to play but no minimums/minimal expectations. We r full right now but keep checking, I am planning to leave soon to get active again.
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