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The more I play her, the more I figure out some tricks and realize she's very strong. I don't have a Hyperion or Medusa, so this is another reason I use her a lot. The only 4*+ Cosmics I have are 4* unduped Hela and 5* unduped Symbiote Spider-Man.

A few parries and heavies, and she's gaining furies like a boss and crits a lot. Was getting 2k heavies at a 3/30 4* duped Pheonix (sig level like 30).

Anyone else really like using her? Her ability rocks when I mess up, and her attacks get very strong.


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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,386 ★★★★★
    I love her. I think she got a bad reputation, but she's capable of some decent Damage. 5 Fury is the goal, 10 is optimal. Stack Incinerate and end with an L3. Sig helps too.
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    MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,598 ★★★★★
    edited March 2018
    I'm starting to like her a lot. Her power generation on a special-1 is actually awesome.

    You can generate phoenix force charges by using SP2 or heavy attacks; then cash them in with an SP1 to do some pretty decent damage and end up with more power than before you triggered the special attack! Fairly soon you're back at a special 2 to make more PF charges: rinse and repeat.

    Don't forget to back off and generate Furies once in a while.

    It's a shame she's so fragile. If she's not Awakened, she really lacks durability for questing. Great in the arenas, though.

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    Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 153
    I personally use her in aq a lot. She's capable of sustaining herself for the whole map doing the tech path. And this is in expert tier running map 5*5. So yeah, she's pretty great in my opinion.
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    I think she’s underrated, she is my favorite champion. She has a lot of tricks. So my strategie is to get to sp3 don’t use it. Then do heavy atack then wait till 10 or 11 fury’s and remember the armor break! At level 10 rank 1 3 Star pheonix she did 10k on sp3 with 2 armor breaks and 11 fury’s. Good job on pulling her and I hope you find this helpful.
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    IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 386 ★★
    I pulled her and duped her within a day I think. Duped from the Daily Special Cosmic Crystal, and I think I pulled her in a PHC (or give versa). At one point I was stacking 2 furies a second since she had a lot of Phoenix Force Charges
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