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About Carnage:
Cletus Kasady was a serial killer from Brooklyn, psychotic and depraved from an early age. As a cellmate of Eddie Brock’s, he bonded with a spawn of the Venom Symbiote during a prison break, and merged into a single twisted being. Kasady and the Symbiote would go on a killing spree, earning them their name: Carnage. With the Symbiote amplifying Kasady’s psychotic tendencies, there’s no telling how deep their acts of depravity will plunge.

Base Stats & Abilities
*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Health: 13379
Attack: 979
Max PI:
Without Signature: 3688
With Signature (99): 4778
Class: Cosmic

(Base crtical rating = 30%,
Base block proficiency increases to 55%,
rest remains the same)

Basic Abilities: Resist Physical, Precision, Fury, Cruelty, Bleed


The Carnage Symbiote changes form creating weapons and armor providing Passive bonuses based on Carnage’s current needs.
Struck: +1200 Physical Resistance
Block: +7% Perfect Block Chance
Light Attack: +1508.77 Critical Damage Rate
Medium Attack: +391.6 Attack
Heavy Attack: Opponent Ability Accuracy is reduced by 14%

Critical Hits

If the target is already Bleeding, gain a 80% Chance to Bleed dealing 44.06 damage over 0.5 seconds.

Heavy Attacks

100% Chance to Bleed dealing 538.45 damage over 10 seconds.

Special Attacks

Each time Carnage activates a Special Attack he begins to Mutate for 10 seconds.
Once his mutation ends, he copies his current Symbiotic Creation as a Permanent Buff.
He can have a Maximum of 5 Permanent Buffs.

Special 1: Frenzied Assault – Carnage hurls himself at his opponent, rending with limbs and tentacles alike.
This attack receives +998.5 additional Critical Rate.

Special 2: Rabid Onslaught – Carnage uses his tentacles to suddenly propel himself towards his target while he strikes with his claws.
This attack receives +1529.33 Critical Damage Rating.

Special 3: Aberrant Soul – Carnage uses his tentacles to pin his opponent in place, allowing him take the time to revel in the carnage he creates.
100% chance to cause the Opponent to Bleed, dealing 3671.25 direct damage over 20 seconds.

Signature Ability: Bloodlust

The sight and smell of blood triggers Carnage’s bloodlust, granting him up to +59.99% increased Power Gain, while his Opponent is Bleeding.
The longer the Opponent has been continuously Bleeding the greater the bonus, reaching the maximum after 20 seconds.

Additionally, in a quest, the first time Carnage inflicts a bleed in any fight, he instantly activates the permanent buff last activated in the quest.(in the previous fight)

Synergy Bonuses

Venom – Shared Genetic Memory – (Venom and Carnage gain +1 to their maximum number of Genetic Memory or Hyper Mutation Buffs)

Deadpool or Deadpool (X-Force) – Bloodshed - Bleed Effects' potency is increased by 60%
(Unique Synergy, doesn't stack)

Spider-Man – Nemesis – (All Champions gain +6% Attack)

Spider-Man (Symbiote) or Agent Venom or Venompool – Family – (All Champions gain +6% to Health)

The new carnage's maximum potential remains similar.
His signature Ability becomes more noticeable, thus reducing his ramp up time.
His block damage will be significantly reduced.
He will become a more reliable damage dealer and n short fights due to his higher crit rate.
His heavy attack ability gives him utility.

How would you like to fix Carnage ?


  • GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
    Add a possibility to bleed on normal hits and not just through heavy, and he mutates the buff he had when he launched a special attack.
    Have had it happen too many times when building his buffs, timer is about to expire and you parry/block and end up with a physical resistance buff, and cant get rid of it.

    And persistance charge that is tied to his health
    If Carnage enters the fight with more than 80% health, he has a 30-50% chance to activate one of his previous buffs as a passive, and doesnt count towards his max limitation. Max stack: 3 passive buffs
    Below 50%, 40-60% chance to activate upto 2 passive buffs.
    Below 25%, 50-80% chance to activate upto 3 passive buffs

    Or something like that.
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