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I need an active alliance!

Im fairly new to the game so my roster/prestige isn’t the best my top 5 champs are 4* 3/30’s but I think my skill level is good I’m in an alliance now and all the events I score 10x the amount of points than the rest of my alliance(literally) it’s frustrating to work so hard and earn the rewards for an alliance that isn’t helping I don’t have the best prestige but I am very active and trying to get better champs so I can grow


  • BigFnMike93BigFnMike93 Posts: 53
  • SborlaxSborlax Posts: 248
    We are a very active alliance doing 3bgs in AW.
    We need 2-3 players to replace our existing members.
    You should have at least eight 4*R3 champs for AW. Preferably you have some 4*R4/R5.
    Looking for self starters who keep improving their skills and war performance.
    Current war tier 10. Current war season bracket Silver2.
    You will take part in our push up the AW tiers/season ranks.
    Weekly SA, item use, completion and duels expected.
    AQ Map22222 Advance Bracket (Target 10M pts)
    No donations is required right now.
    Required to join LINE.

    Leader IGN: Sborlax
    Leader LineID: Sborlax
  • PaxityPaxity Posts: 3
    Check out hunters doing map 22222, add me in game Paxity for more info
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