NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
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So after missing a war a two wks ago because apparently the system couldnt pair anyone near us, we get this match.


Thank you Kabam. Such fair matchmaking.

Now will we have a chance to get a x8 multiplier or are we sht out of luck and stuck with a x7 because we are in t2?


  • JoMama999JoMama999 Posts: 43
    .....working as intended. Kabam hates us
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
    Oh and this was after a 2 minute search.

    When we couldnt find a match we searched for over an hr and a half and couldnt find a match like this. Something needs to change for matchmaking next season.

    We were a consistent plat2 alli and because of the missed war and barely a chance of winning this last war, it looks like we will be stuck in plat3.
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