Missing wars (matchmaking)

ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
We missed our third war (3 Sunday’s in a row). This maintenance was 3 hours and 39 minutes before the war was shut down.
This is ridiculous, nothing they or us can do. I just wanted to post my frustration


  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287 ★★★
    Lol. They can do something for the one alliance, just not us plebs.
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    edited April 2018
    “This maintenance”

    Should say = this matchmaking*

    Sorry for the typo


    I don’t even care that they did that for an alliance. Not talking about that will keep threads open longer 🤪.

    I’m sure they can look into the matchmaking system...3+ hours for a match is stupid long
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287 ★★★
    I don't care that they are doing it for the alli either. I think if they were wronged by the system they should be rewarded. However, they do show us they have the ability to fix the mistake, whether its by manually checking scores or whatever they do to manage the leaderboards.

    So... There is something they can do, they just wont do it.
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 592 ★★
    I think you were posting on my other thread about this subject and a few of us were missing wars because of matchmaking. Well, we did end up dropping down to GOLD 2 😡. Spent almost the whole season in GOLD 1 and then missing 3 wars dropped us down.
  • juST4fUNjuST4fUN Posts: 172
    EOD if you dont belong to the alliance who shall not be named....suffer in silence :#
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