Aussie Based 11.7M alliance recruiting

Aussie based 11.7M alliance is looking for a couple of replacements now that AW Season 1 is over.

After a slow start, we missed Gold 1, but will nail it next season. AQ 5x5, with standard donations that accompany that. Generally score 100- 110M.

Minimums only for Completion (15k). We hit all milestones for Item Use. No Duel requirement!! Summoner Advancement we get a minimum of the 41-70%, usually 21-40%.

Must be able to complete your own line in both AQ and AW, and we expect at least 1 r4 5*.

Contact me on Line or in game if you’re interested. Username for both is Decksie.


  • DecksieDecksie Posts: 15
    Bits I forgot:
    1650 War Rating. Tier 5.
    Must enjoy smack talk.
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