Mastery advice please - def vs att

Hi everybody thanks for reading my post, Im at that stage where i have to go one way of the other into advanced masteries, my top Champs is Hulk 5* and then Magik 5* duped. I have MD 5 and thats staying like that. As I see it though I have a couple of options:

Option 1.
Max WP, Inequity and Resonate
(Perhaps limber maxed instead of WP)

Option 2.
Max WP, GC and LC
(just really dont like recoil and the health penalty from GC)

Option 3.
Max WP and Salve, 1 in GC and max LC

Please help and give advice.

Thank you.


  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,346 ★★★
  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 133
    Could you please elaborate why? I dont want to go the DW route since I dont really have a lot of bleed champs
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    None are very good, Resonate and Inequity are very good for making debuff champs more fun to use. Maybe just 1 point each. Also very good for Elektra.

    People don't use LC or DE anynore unless they grind arena.

    GC is okay but Going Despair, DW, and Assassin, Inequity, and Resonate might be good for you.

    Not many max WP nowadays since it got nerfed a while back. 1 or 2 may be enough.
  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 133
    Thank you for your advice
  • DuMonUDuMonU Posts: 34
    @SSofLimbo run a search on youtube for mastery setup. there are a few good videos there on pros and cons of different setups, most notably off the top of my head Brian Grant, Seatin and Campo.
    Ive changed my masteries more time than I care to remember. Suffice it to say there are still varying points of view on Suicides, Glass Cannon, Willpower, Salve, inequity and resonate so I would do some research and see what fits in with your champs and fighting style
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    Willpower is terrible now, no need to waste units on cores for it. If you do want it, the 1st level is all you need, the last 2 levels of it is just a waste of mastery points that could be way more useful else where & same goes with the carb cores you’d waste on it
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