IOS 11.3 - iPhone6

Battery health 86% (beta)

Disabling the battery performance magamagment protection, the amount of lag within the game is significantly reduced.
Loading times between fights is shorter, and the number of times I get comboed before I can even move is reduced, on easy content.

I have been on the IOS beta program for a while and last two app store updates have caused the phone to crash a number of times during install, where the performance magamagment protection re-enables itself. This also happens during the harder content of the game, uncollected monthly quests, mainly any opponent with a large number of buffs just destroys the gameplay, too much going on.

Nice as it is to see rain drops on the screen and other little effects, when my champs freezes then gets comboed into butt hurt and the phone crashes, makes the game unplayable no matter how pretty the design teams makes the game. Need an MCOC - lite edition, just the bare essentials.

No other apps cause this.


  • Hey Rinzler, there's already an active discussion about lagging, located HERE. Please use that thread to review the comments of other players and our Team. It would also be really helpful if you could take some time to answer the questions I have asked on page 8 of the discussion! To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll now close this thread.
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