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Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
Upon completion of season 1 , kabam will be taking time to analyze the season 1 performance and probably will make few changes in season 2.

From my point of view, I was thrilled when I saw this is coming and was very exited to make strategies, change in placements, bringing new attack champs , more coordinated moves etc.

The moment we started match making , all of my excitement just vanished when we got matched with a very strong alliance ( strong means not only in alliance ratings but all of the alliance members had rank 4 5* champs both in defense and they use them in attack too), I mentioned this part in my few other posts and people started saying that I am whining cause I lost war.

It doesn’t matter if we lose or win, what matter is fighting with an alliance where you know you are going to lose. How, I will break it down

1. Rank 4 5* champs in defense - like Hyperion, mephisto , quake etc. the chances of killing them in one shot are very thin. ( only if you get luck but the health pool of these champs are too big to beat by a 5/50 champs)
2. Rank 4 5* champs in attack- even if you made few mistakes you can clear tough nodes without losing champs ( losing health might not help) considering we are still using rank 4/40 champs in defense for diversity.
3. AW rating based match - honestly this was not working or (working as intended) alliance has big champ pool with higher alliance rating but still on low AW rating, no matter what your AW rating is you will be match with an strong alliance in each tier.
4. Scoring - attack bonus ,we always lose as we can’t clear nodes when we are fighting with an rank 4 5* champs without losing a champ or two.
5. Diversity- if we choose diversity, we didn’t have the benefit to put our rank 5 4* champs ( obviously we have used most of the resources to those champs which we thought will be helpful for us in defense. This is a disadvantage for both the teams but when team is fully equipped with rank 4 5* champs they don’t care.

I know people might not see this an issue and will be happy with the matchmaking but in my experience of this season, if we can balance this out ( not sure how , don’t know the demographics of matching) it will be more fun in season 2.

Waiting for season 2 ..... fingers crossed 🤞


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    StewmanStewman Posts: 735 ★★★
    Never sacrifice your attack team champs for defense. Even if it means putting a r3 or r4 4* on defense.
    You not dying is equally as important, if not more so than your defender getting a kill. (if you are going for diversity)
    A duplicate on defense does absolutely nothing for your score if it doesn't get a kill.

    Anyways. I do agree with you. Getting outmatched against an opponent with roster depth can be difficult to over come.
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