5* Rank 4 advice with 5.4.6 Ultron in mind

Resources wise I have:
  • a maxed out cache of T2 Alpha, with enough shards for a 13th soon
  • 3 T4 Cosmic Catalysts
  • 4 T4 Mystic Catalysts

Characters Wise I have the following top choices to rank:
  • 5 * Magic (unduped) Rank 3
  • 5 * Hyperion (unduped) Rank 3
  • 4 * Medusa (duped) Rank 4
  • 4 * Loki (duped) Rank 4
  • 5* Loki (unduped) Rank 2

Lessor options to rank
  • 5* Mordo (unduped) Rank 2
  • 5* Unstoppable (duped) Colossus Rank 2
  • 4* Drom (duped) rank 4
  • 4* Hood (duped) rank 4
  • 4* Magik (duped) rank 3

With Ultron being my last stop before completing a first run of Act 5 and with the sentinels being in AQ I'm tempted to rank 5 my 4* medusa. Although I was really looking forward to the 5* Hyperion at rank 4. Even unduped I suspect he'd hit like a truck.

Also wondering bringing an unduped 5* magik to rank 4 is worth it. I'm a bit hesitant to rank either Loki as he doesn't have as much use outside of this one particular fight (even with having all the special synergy options for him). With 4*s decreasing in usefulness I'm not sure I want to rank any of them either.

The one other complication is I want to make sure I have at least on 5* Rank 4 option before killing off Ultron as I really don't want those precious t2 alphas ending up in the stash and expiring. I'm pretty low on all my other t4cc counts right now, so even with 7 crystals if they split wrong I could be stuck with no options.



  • GNASTYGNASTY Posts: 226 ★★
    edited April 2018
    All you need is a 3* Loki. Check out YouTube. Your Loki’s you currently have will do the job, believe me. I finished 4.6 100% by using a 3* Loki all 8 times. I would invest in your 5* Hype. He’s incredible.
  • xananabananaxananabanana Posts: 495
    I swapped out Voodoo for Medusa for AQ and she has been great against Sentinels. I'm not at 5.4.6 yet but believe she will have an easy time against Ultron once u get armor shattered.
  • HomicideHomicide Posts: 71
    Loki curse him then keep hard attacking
  • TKS87TKS87 Posts: 334 ★★
    I wouldnt worry about ranking loki. I used 4 star 4/40 Loki for 5.4.6 ultron (have only done it once so far) but it's doable. Either buff steal his power gain to get your curse on him,or just steal his fury. There are some good videos on YouTube to check out for that fight.

    I think your resources would be better put into either Medusa or hype. Their both beast, but likely hype since he's a 5 star version. Just my two cents :)
  • Angelfire_TNORAngelfire_TNOR Posts: 56
    edited April 2018
    What about Magik is she worth rank 4ing when she is unduped?

    I'm short on other types of class cats, but I also have Iceman (unduped) which I'd like to rank 4 at some point. Quake, X23, Elektra, hulk ragnarok (all unduped) are potentially other options but I"m not sold on any of them. Don't want to spend all that t2 alpha just because I have it ;)
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,106 ★★★
    Your best option is r4ing 5 star Hyperion. He has armour break on sp2 which you gain faster. So that solves your aq problem too. And Hyperion is a solid champ. Poison immune too. Don't waste resources on 4 stars. Hyperion will come handy in almost all areas of the game. I wish a Hyperion for myself too 😊. Good luck
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 319
    Medusa! She will work on the resistor paths, poison path, and she will shut down ultron. I tried the Loki method and I wasn't as successful as others. Go Medusa, you wont be disappointed, I one shot that ultron with only 100 hits with a 4* medusa.
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