Is Quake god tier?

DrOctavius2_2DrOctavius2_2 Posts: 410
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Is Quake god tier? 35 votes

Yes absolutely
RektorDoc_HollamonINTEGRALbuffajrMrbeast6000Primmer79Anurag1606CodornasHammerbro_64TimrosElitehunterjilanibuxTheRealmKeeperDarthPhalshadow_lurker22Winner66615Noob2435Midnite93 18 votes
No demi god tier
NevvBSnizzbarSpity68SIlverProfessorFugnastySac123_TeddersvinniegainzAhitlawchev327foxrockykostonTheHoodedDormammuMrmarvel123CydonianChristian899 15 votes
No below demi god tier
Mightylibraace930999 2 votes


  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 750
    No demi god tier
    If you know how to use her, otherwise she's meh
  • TimrosTimros Posts: 151
    Yes absolutely
    Took me awhile to get used to her, but now she just destroys everyone. Def above demi.
  • FugnastyFugnasty Posts: 104
    No demi god tier
    In a normal fight shes no big deal but in certain utility matchups shes a top choice. Thats Demi god to me.
  • Yes absolutely
    I love her. I use her on the arch overload node and healing mini boss nodes on my war path. She shuts it down like no other.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 2,485
    Yes absolutely
    Against stun immune? Nope.
    Against almost everyone else? Pretty alright. If you can play her, she’s amazing. If you can’t, she’s fun for arena...
    I use her for Medusa and Mephisto in AW and she handles them fine.
  • No demi god tier
    depends on who she is fighting
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,423
    Stun immune isn't a deal breaker, just more difficult.

    True strike is the one that gets you dead, completely wrecks the flow and major advantage of Quake.
    Yes absolutely
    By far the best attacker in game
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