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Very active player, i play about 3 to 7 hours a day, play aw and aq, also focusing on arenas, im on 40 days bracket as a new player, have 50 k prestige all champs, have medusa 4 star 3/30, hyperion 4 star 3/30, luke cage 4 star 3/29, kingpin duped 4 star 2/20, electro 4 star 2/20, agent venom duped 4 star 3/30, venompoll 4 star 2/20, utron 4 star 2/20, between another 4 stars and 3 stars, i have material to put hyperion and medusa rank 4/40 waiting for lv up event, my name in the game is DianaAmazona, looking for aliance who do aq m3 or m4.


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    SuraSura Posts: 89
    Thank you for your post. Do you have enough champions that you are able to play AW and AQ at the same time? Would you be able to provide me a screen shot of your champions?
    Thank you.

    Game name is Surabachi99
    Alliance is o.k.r
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    DangerNoodleDangerNoodle Posts: 235
    @DIanaAmazona Just a heads up Bud I don't think you know what prestige is. Noone has 50k prestige. I think you just mean base hero rating. Prestige is the average of your top 5 champs and it's without masteries on.
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    yes hero rating no problem =)
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    and yes i have enough to aw aq at same time
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