Ability to ask for help in arenas has changed twice now...

It used to be that when your hero was available and you use them in the arena, as soon as you are done with the round, you could ask for help. That changed about 3 weeks ago. It seemed to be some internal timer of 2 hours for each character that prevents the player from asking for help if they asked for help some time after the hero was used in the arena. For example, if a 4 star had 30 minutes left until they were recharged and you ask for help, you couldn't ask for help again until 2 hours later for that hero. This was really frustrating, but as least for 5* you could still request help multiple times.

Very recently, it has changed so that now you can only ask for help for 5* and 6* one time during their cooldown. No longer can you ask every 2 hours or whatever it used to be.

Was this change intentional? It doesn't make much sense that you get penalized if forget to ask for help on your 5* and then an hour or so before they are rechanged, you ask for it, but then can't ask again for a long time, regardless or not if the help requests were fulfilled.
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