Oooh sweet victory

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Nothing like duping the person you decided to r2


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
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    Dang that's awesome, what's ur ign
  • You must have nothing else to do. Wasting forum space. Don’t you have an alliance? “Look at me guy!” lol
  • JC_JC_ Posts: 518 ★★★
    Lol, I would be pretty pumped too. Congrats.
  • General__RossGeneral__Ross Posts: 156
    General__Ross (two underscores)
  • General__RossGeneral__Ross Posts: 156
    Thanks for flagging me for putting in my ign when someone asked lol
  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 751 ★★★
    Best part of the pic is Red Hulk's smug face, like he just knows how badass he is, lol
  • WebbdogWebbdog Posts: 117
    Wow, get a life dude smh lol
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    Wow, this is nice! Congrats! Happy 4 u
  • General__RossGeneral__Ross Posts: 156
    Here you go, my masteries (glass cannon etc) are the + and - to the side, but the number shown is the base value without them.
  • General__RossGeneral__Ross Posts: 156
    Still working on adding all of my unit costing masteries ( precision/cruelty etc. ) after resetting to find out his PI. Here’s his PI if anyone was wondering.
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