Looking for a new home

3973 prestige
Tons of map 5 experience
Decent showing in every aw
Participate in all events.

Looking for:
map 5x5 in aq
Competitive in aw

Line id: redwulf67


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    dark_piratedark_pirate Posts: 6
    Hey there , we are recruiting members, we are 10 million alliance and need skillful players like you have map 5 experience, add me on line (dark_pirate) and I'll send you an invite
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    Redwulf67Redwulf67 Posts: 55
    Bump, still looking
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    Sup RedWulf. We're an ally of adults with wives and lives. We play map 5x5, war to win, and enjoy comradery. We finished Gold 2 last season but are changing roster to get guys who want Gold 1 or higher. Name in game and Line is Rick Rancor. Tag EPU2.
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    Lightbearer1Lightbearer1 Posts: 22
    We might be a good fit for you international alliance,serious,growing. Check out Infinity Stone Protectors. Game name Lightbearer?
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    Redwulf67Redwulf67 Posts: 55
    Thanks for all the responses, I've found a new spot.
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