Revise Rank up question

Thoughts and comments welcome

Revise Rank up question 14 votes

4* Hulk, sig 99 to r5
HolyDirkness41MrLalowAzrael908SpiderCoolsElitehunter 5 votes
4* Rulk, unduped, to r5
AKKKTEK 1 vote
4* Quake, sig 60 to r5
XFA_Rebooted 1 vote
5* Luke Cage unduped to r3
buffajrSac123_AshburnJCPer14Hammerbro_64ljainD5coc_master 7 votes


  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    5* Luke Cage unduped to r3
    It depends on what you need at the moment. If u haven't beat the collector, hulk. If u have mad skillz, quake. Imo I'll only r5 rhulk if he's duped. Also r3 LC when I have unlocked the resonate mastery
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