New Character Idea

I guess it is time the Spawn gets added to the game. This is such a great character and I have some ideas to make this character awesome in the game.

Class: Mystic

Abilities: Regenerations, Poison Immunity, Fury, Power Burn, Bleed, Evade

Spawn should start the fight with a regeneration buff, similar to Dr.Voodo's.

Spawn's organs are not active. This means he should be immune the poison of the battle realm.

Spawn has enhanced super strength. This calls for fury that should increase his attack significantly.

Spawn should be the ultimate control champion. Against villains every time Spawn attacks it should power burn and deal a portion as direct damage. His special attacks should also be able to power drain completely.

Medium attacks should have a chance to bleed the opponent.

Spawn should also have a high chance to evade opponents special attacks.

Signature Ability:
When awakened Spawn should get a signature called Soul Leach. As he holds his block, a portion of the opponents health should be leached and transferred to Spawns power meter.


Doctor Voodo: Against cosmic champion, both Dr.Voodo and Spawn start with a power gain.

Daredevil: Spawn's bleed duration increase. Daredevil's stun increase for x% of duration.

Ironman: Both champion's regeneration ability increase by x%


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