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The new end date will be May 1st.

5994 Prestige Boss killer looking for weekly t4cc ally + plat 2/AW 2600+

Hello everyone.

I'd like to offer my services to an ally that is focused on team growth, respect and communication.
Based in GMT +4 (Dubai time) and currently have AQ map 5x5 and AW tier 3 experience. Can one shot lanes and kill bosses. (#powerofblade)
Waiting on half a tech t4cc to take my next champ to R4 (Can you guess who it is?) so that'll bump up prestige a bit.

I'm currently seeking a more competitive alliance that focuses on winning every war with minimal deaths/can push through to a weekly t4cc in AQ with 5x5 or one day of map 6.

Please search Sash6541 on Line/IGN so we can discuss your goals.
Please search Geek Arts on youtube to view gameplay/character profile.



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