Need skilled players 5600 prestige or close

The Defectors (D3PHX) Requirement:

(1) Active SMART Skilled Players with Map 5 experience.
- Adult Players Only
- Prestige: 5600+

(2) ***Great Communication is a priority***

(3) Alliance: Has a No minimum on 3 Days Events (Contribute what you can. Don’t skim for rewards)

(4) AW: Tier 4. (Must be able to handle clearing your own lane)

(5) AQ Map Format: (55555)

About US: We are an organized US/Europe Alliance for overall good players, we value loyalty and willingness to succeed.

Minimum Donations:
130,000 Gold -
35,000 BC
13,000 Loyalty

If interested message me. If you use Line: cjam215 or dfresh81
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