War matchmaking does take ally rating into account

Just wanted to say that i see alot of people always saying war matchups are based on war rating only.
And do not take ally rating or prestige into account. This is untrue. Rating of your ally is clearly taken into consideration.
My ally was previously a 5 mil ally and we were getting matchups between 3.5 and 6 mil consistently.
We grew to a 7 mil ally and we consistently facing 6 -7.5 mil allies.
Now since war season ended we have gone through a major restructure and are now a 8.5 mil ally and we have not been matched up with an ally woth a rating lower than 8mil.
This is despite our war rating fluctuating alot. When we were 5mill ally we climbed as high as tier 5 getting same matchups.
Atm we are all the way down in. tier 11 and striggling to climb worse now as we are getting matchups against allies of the same rating.
When we were lower rating our few Stronger guys could push through and get some bg clears whilst our defences could hold our opposition out. Evn wen we were in tier 5.
Now we are down in tier 11 8mil allies will plow through the defences as the nodes are easier and who wins comes down to exploration amd attacker bonus.
This is not a complaint it is merely informing people that alliance rating is taken into account and wars are much much easier and you can climb toers much quicker if you have a few strong people in each bg amd the rest as weaklings


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    My second account is in a cruddy little 2 mil ally and wars are much easier over there..... not due to tier and war rating but due to the fact we get matched up against cryddy little allies and cus we have a few beasty accounts we can smash their defense whilst they cannot beat ours....
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    My theory is it takes both Average Rating and War Rating into account. The War Rating being the primary factor. If there is nothing within range of both, it defaults to the War Rating. Then chooses a Match within the set range of WR. At least that's been my theory before. During Seasons, things were all over the place.
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    My theory is it takes both Average Rating and War Rating into account. The War Rating being the primary factor. If there is nothing within range of both, it defaults to the War Rating. Then chooses a Match within the set range of WR. At least that's been my theory before. During Seasons, things were all over the place.

    For sure both things are considered.... i was posting this cus i keep hearing people say that only war rating counts... that is clearly not the case and because of it i know my ally will have a much harder time climbing back up the tiers this time.
    Because of this and ally with half strong peeps and half weaklings will have a much easier time in war matchups as you will most likely be matched up against an ally that matches your prestige. The difference being there is a large chamce they will be balanced in strength of memeber therefore their strongest will not be able to kill your bosses and your strongest will be able to smash theor bosses whilst they are still linked even.
    This is wat we experienced before.
    We were winning wars with only 60-70% exploration cus we got the bosses down and they could not. Even though our weaklings could only do a foght or two
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    I don't agree it's the only factor either. I think it's the default, though.
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    War rating is the first factor.....
    If you have a 1100 war rating it will look at all allies between 1050 and 1150 for example and then find the one closest to you in rating/prestige.
    The longer it takes to find a match the further it expands the search.. search expanded based on alliance rating first
    This is how i see it....

    If alliance rating was not considered then you would never see a 5mill ally in tier 5 whilst there are 10mil allies in tier 11.
    The weaker allies would get matched against the stronger and lose and be unable to climb so high. Stronger allies would only ever be low if they were very very inactive in wars
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    To me it's just matter of luck. During Season 1 my alliance faced 4 10-11 mil alliances in a row. And we were a 8.5 mill alliance. We won one and lost 3. After that we faced a 9 mil alliance and a 7.5 mill alliance the again a 11.5 mill alliance and lost. To me it's just what it is lol. Just in everyone's defense, when you lose in Seasons to an alliance that is 3 mil above you and you're not a whale alliance it blows, very much. And people will be people and lash out. Just like this update in AQ people who didn't adjust well to the change lash out. I like many others wish Kabam just upped the rewards a bit but what can I do. So just realize most of what you see is teenagers lashing out.
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    So from where i sit they have fixed the problem of unfair matchups but created another problem where by weaker allies have the abilitiy to climb higher than a stronger one purely because they are weaker. From it seems funny seeing as though we are now a 8.5 mill ally and we got gold 3 with a 169 rating last season yet my second acoount in a 2 mil ally also got gold 3 around 1350.... quite a close placement for such a huge difference. Espcially given i know how bad (activity wise) never got more than 80% exploration.and disorganised the 2mil ally is...
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    I have no idea for sure, but I suspect the Matches were more broad during Seasons. Plus the fact that Allies were running constantly, so the system chose whatever came along. The wait times were longer because pretty much everyone was running Wars constantly, at least the ones that wanted to. With Matches tied up, it was harder and harder to Match people in between. The result was Matches that were greater or lower than usual.
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    @ItsTheBroski i see what you are saying amd yes there is some difference in matchups yet a 2mil ally from
    Wat i can see will never get matched against a 10mil ally.
    For most of the season my main ally at 8mil and my 2nd ally at 2 mil were on the same kinda war rating and war tier mostly around tier 9 and whilst we we getting 8mil matchups they were getting 2 mil matchups allowing us to be competitive in regard to season standing amd win loss ratio yet i know who wins if we ever fought each other
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    @GroundedWisdom there is no doubt that matchmaking brought different results at lower tiers than at higher tiers.... at tier 3 for example all
    Allies are organised and must be strong to stay at that level so there is only so many allies to chose from so wait times were longer and you may get a 10mil v 8 mil cus that is all thatnis in the tier.
    However down at tier 9 where there is many more allies and many ranges of ratings we never waited more than 10 minutes in either ally and always got a similar ally ratig matchup.
    I suspect this is purely due to the potential pool of matchups getting smaller as you get hogher
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    The last War we fought of the Season Matched as soon as I pressed the button, and they were over twice our Rating. Lol. It all depends on who is looking at the same time. I assume there's a specific range for War Rating. If no one is looking in our range at that time, we wait.
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    Maybe it is that prestige based and not rating based????
    That would make sense.... that would explain why mostly are similar but would also explain how big diffences can happen..... as a 10 mil ally could have similar prestige to a 20 mil ally.....
    My rating is 480k. But i only have 1 4/55 therefore my prestige is around 4600.
    There alot in my ally with a rating around only 200k with a similar prestige.
    And there are some with rating 300k but prestige over 5k.....

    Not trying to say i know how it worls and would be good to know how they do it but it is clear it plays a factor..
    Atm my 8.5 mill ally has a bad ratig of only 1100.... due to 5 very close losses against similar rating allies recently.
    Meanwhile my 2nd ally at 2mil has a rating of 1100 and have been win one lose one so on and so all against allies no more than 1mil stronger.
    I wiuld be certain and bet everything i could to say that if we hAve the same rating and search for wars at the same time we will never get matched up together.
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    Maybe i am just a little salty about this but the way it has worked for my ally is terrible.
    We have pushed to improve our wars.
    We have become more organised.
    We have recruited some nice strong peeps.

    Wars were easier before wen we were weak and disfunctional.
    And i am not just reffering to each individual war.
    We were not a good ally and were able to climb to tier 7
    Now we are stronger and more organised we are stuck down much lower and cant climb.

    The reason for this is simple.
    As a ally sub 6mil your attack teams are still
    Not great. Defences actually matter and allies are not getting 100% clears. 2 bg clears with 75% explo will get you most wins.

    Now as an 8mil ally defences are not as important. Boss kilss are not even as important. Wat is important is getting 100% and dying less.
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    So now we are working harder and getting 90%+ exploration and getting 3 bg clears we are in a lower tier and cannot get the wins and keep dropping lower....

    Get stronger and get less rewards... makes sense... well done kabam...
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    How does a 2 or 3 mill ally deserve to be in tier 7 when all they do is kill one boss.....

    Yet 9mil ally tier 11 95% exploration 3 boss kills and we lose????

    We do more and are clearly better yet get less rewards and stuck in a lower tier????
    Not fair kabam
    @Kabam Miike
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    Yeah but if you play a professional sport to be at the top you need to be the strongest....
    If you are weak you will not climb up as you face stronger opponnents.... a weak opponent will never be able to sit up top along side the bug guns....

    And in sports that have divisions allowin weaker teams to only play weaker teams the rewards are less...
    So by that a 2mil ally should never be able to sit higher and get better rewards than a 9mil ally....
    But the way things are here.... they can and they do....
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    Re-bootingn this to hopefully get some discussion from kabam.
    I have previously provided many screenshots to prove this.
    I will hust poat a small sample here now
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    I have a now 4.5 mil ally in tier 8 facing opponents at only 3.7 - 5.5 mil
    Whilst i have a 8.5 mil ally in tier 11 facing opponents at only 7-9.5mil

    Also i have spoken to people one of whom has a 4mil ally in tier 4 and faces opponents slightly stronger but still only 5-7mil.

    I have many screenshots to prove this.

    It was around middle of season 1 i think it changed
    the following screenshots are both my accounts. I am leader of one ally and officer in the other
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  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704

    Just the most recent war as a sample. Dont wanna clog your thread with all my screenshots and proof..... i just want people to see this and know that tier is not a reflection of how good you are. It only shows how good you are compared to other allies same rating. Which puts my weak ally higher in season than my strong one even though i can assure you they are nowhere near as good... lol....

    It will give you an unbalanced matchup on alliance rating whene there are no close allies with same war rating.
    War rating is priority.....
    Then alliance rating is a secondary factor....
    You will only face a stronger or weaker opponent if there is no simialar allies with same war rating looking
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    (I copied my post above from another theread so ignore the part that says (i dun wanna clog your thread)
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