Possibly looking to slow down a little

TKS87TKS87 Posts: 365 ★★★
Hi all,

I am an experienced 5200 prestige boss killer who is looking to relax a bit and focus more on solo content. Willing to join a smaller but active ally to help some folks grow. Please keep in mind, that I won't stay permanently as eventually I will want to pick things up again.

I'm looking for preferably map 3x5 but one or two days of map 4 is fine. I'd like to take a break from war until season 2 as well, so a 2BG war group would also be preferred. I'd be willing to do wars if absolutely necessary but likely wouldn't bring my full blown D team as I would use one or two of the champs in solo quests.

I've got Line so if you think your ally would be interested in having me, drop your ID and I'll hit you up. Thanks for your time.

Edit: a few spelling errors


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