EOS_NANO_X' 2018

Please take time to read this thoroughly.
This is a culmination of all my discussions and other ideas for the future of Marvels Contest of Champions.
Please drop comments and if you liked what you read, please do drop that like or agree or whatever. Lets see if we can make some big changes.
Other than that, these are purely ideas, nothing more than that.

01- Basic Game Enhancement
02- Annual Replayment from Kabam
03- 2018 Characters and Event Quests
04- New Featured Crystals System
05- Training Grounds System
06- Mixed Class Champions
07- Alliance Event Quests

So this is basic, just boost the lvl cap to 80 or straight to 100 but i think 80 is fair for now.
Alliances should be pushed to 50 players, keeping 3 battlegroups for Alliance Wars and Quests.
Friends limit should be made to limit at 100.

Now this sounds stupid. Real stupid.
But one of Kabams biggest flaws is incentives.
So an annual repayment.
I spend $48 Aus each fortnight on MCoC.
Thats over 20,000 units i pay for every year.
What my idea is, for every $5 spent on thier game, once per year on maybe new years, they give players 10 units for each $5.
It costs nothing for them to do, its zero stock lost and it will be a godsend to players.
Of course I know people will say $5 for 10 units is too high... but again, Idea.

2018 should bring;
In a quest where Mister Sinister is trying to free himself from the mental shackles of his master, he persuades the Summoner and his team to aid him.

The Fantastic Four have come to the battlerealm. The Collector has captured Invisible Woman and Human Torch.

Toxin comes to the battlerealm seeking Carnage, The Taskmaster begins a game of terror and skill and challenges Toxin to this game. Can Toxin beat the Taskmaster and earn his prize? Carnage.

M.O.D.O.K has Squirrel Girl pit against the toughest competition in the battlerealm. Can she survive?

With the Infinity War waging on, the battlerealm lies shattered in the wake of destruction and chaos. Can the Summoner aid Sentry end this battle before everyone ends up dead?

Invisible Woman and Human Torch must fight thier way back to reunite the Fantastic Four

Spider-Man 2099 comes to the battlerealm after the Sandman wreakes destruction in his wake through the battlerealm. The Summoner must aid the Spider-Man in his quest for justice.

Can the cosmic Miss Universe stop Korvac from taking over the battlerealm? Or will Korvac reign supreme in the Collectors game?

Two baddies are facing off in a battle of power and wits tearing through the Battlerealm. The Collector demands that the Summoner put an end to this Quarrel.

Upon defeating Magneto, Jean Grey loses control of her powers and the dormant Pheonix burns away and Dark Pheonix rises. It takes the collective power's of the Summoner and Legion to enter her mind and shut the Dark Pheonix down.

Hiemdall has grown dark and vengeful. Beta Ray Bill must find the asguardian and bring him home.

Namor, king of the seas.
Graviton, master of gravity.
Patience and Precision.
Power and Frustration.
Two powers combine to dominate the Collectors game in thier own way. The only thing standing in thier way? Each other.

There you go. 24 characters that need to be in for one reason or another, some of you will like it others wont. Deal with it.
I even gave quest scenarios.

So the current Featured Crystal is a rip off with nothing but bad luck at 90% of every crystal bought. So.
New crystal price;
now 550 units (3* offers are 400 units)
There are NO 2* Heroes. Guaranteed 3* or higher.
The drop rates will favour common 3* heroes.
Drop rates. (Of 100%)
1% - Featured 4*
3% - Featured 3*
9% - Rare 4*
10% - Uncommon 4*
12% - Rare 3*
15% Common 4*
20% Uncommon 3*
30% Common 3*
If must be done with 2* heroes then it should be only featured ones or 2* heroes not actually obtainable like 2* Cable or 2* Dormamu.

So this just adds a new tab titled 'Training Grounds'
This tab will take to a menu with a list of champions on it. Pick the desired champion (all champions in the game, in crystals or not are here including;
Current features, Thanos, Ultron, Kang, Maestro and the Collector. Even Adaptoids, Symboids and Deadpooloids.
Once you picked a champion e.g; Thanos.
Pick his star, 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* or 5*. e.g; 2*
Then set his rank and level. e.g; 3/20

Once all steps are completed the player continues and picks a champion from his/her roster to fight with.
The opponent is the selected champion, in this case; 2* Thanos R3/20.
You fight. Nice and simple. Like a duel.
Winning grants some Iso, Gold and Shards (depending on *, rank and level) and these fights can only be done 10 times in 24 hours to stop grinders.

This idea has many uses, for instance;
Seeing new champs.
Testing powers and fighting styles.
Trying out masteries.

This is a simple idea to make some champions dual class.
Not to change existing ones but to make new champions have 2 classes.
Now this is different but the idea comes from Knights and Dragons, another mobile game.
The idea is that the dual class heroes will have different strengths, styles and weaknesses.
For instance; Spider-Man 2099, if added could be Science and Skill.
Any skill or mutant hero will have stremgths over him but any Mystic or Science champions will fall easier.
Then there is dual weaknesses.
A champions who has both Skill and Mutant class, like Mystique for example would be an extreme fight to win and a champion who is Mystic and Science, like Red Skull could be... would be prey to this Spider-Man.
Its an idea that needs alot of work and creative criticism but would make the game more interesting.
Im not saying every champion that comes should be dual class but some should and a few existing could change too.

Inspired by the monthly event quests, this is a similar feature to that.
It is designed to be up to 500 tiles long and would span the entire month to complete.
Completion on different difficulties would give different rewards.
Uses 3 battlegroups of 1-10 players.
And ita competitive. Still uses 5 energies at limit with 1 energy per tile on all difficulties.
Each position; so for K.Os the more points the more points by the end, the better the rewards for that player.
1 through 10, give different rewards upon completion.
Rewards for completing difficulties as follow is order of leaderboard.
1st - 3* Hero + 100 Units + 5* and 4* shards
2nd- 3* Hero + 50 Units + 5* and 4* shards
3rd- 3* Hero + 30 Units + 4* and 3* shards
4th- 3* crystal + 15 Units + 3* shards
5th- 3* crystal + 10 Units + 3* shards
6th- 3x PHC +5 Units + 3* shards
7th- 2x PHC + 5Units + PHC shards
8th 1x PHC + 5 units + PHC shards
All above with iso and gold too.
9th- PHC shards and Iso and Gold
10th PHC shards amd Iso and Gold
Two above get more smaller iso than 1-8.


  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    at lvl 50, new tab titled 'Summoner'.
    On this tab is an avatar. Playble character to fill the empty faceless shoes of the Summoner.
    Step 1- Pick Gender/Sex
    So simply..
    Male, Female, Robot or Adaptoid?

    Step 2- Appearance
    Pick the skin color, hairstyle and all body features and outfits to your liking.

    Step 3- Pick a Class.
    Mystic, Cosmic, Tech, Mutant, Skill or Science?

    Step 4- Health and Attack.
    With 100 points shared, attack and health can be modified.
    Health shifts between 400 and 600. Attack between 35 and 80.
    E.g; mine would be,
    Health- 470
    Attack- 65

    Step 5- Fighting Style
    Pick the way your Summoner throws his attacks.
    Pick from all characters in-game.
    This needs;
    In advanced setup-
    Movements (run and dash)
    Light attack combo (tap attacks)
    Mediums (slide attacks)
    Heavy (hold attack)
    Or in basic setup-
    Just pick a character as a full movement and strike template.

    Step 6- Power Moves/Abilities
    Pick out of all characters in the game:
    A green (light) ability,
    An orange (medium) ability,
    A red (heavy) ability.
    Mine e.g;
    Green- Carnage
    Orange- Deadpool
    Red- Pheonix

    As more and more people get added to the game, people will want to change thier summoners attacks and powers and look. So each time something is edited, it will cost 100 units and only be available once a month.

    Step 7- Summoner Traits
    Traits are the passive buffs. Like old man logans passive healing.
    The Summoner gets 2 passive buffs/traits, from the listed passives in-game.

    Step 8- Summoner Buffs
    Player picks 6 buffs linked to 6 different triggers. From all in-game buff effects.
    Triggers as follow;
    Match Start
    5 light hits
    2 mediums
    Landed heavy
    When bleeding
    Green ability
    Orange ability
    Red ability
    20% Health
    25% Health
    50% Health
    75% Health
    When hit 5 times
    After opponents red ability.

    Step 8- Synergies
    Player picks 5 other character to synergy with.

    Summoner is now a playable character.

    Step 9- Prestige
    Summoner starts at 1* Rank 01, Lvl 01.
    Summoner can be upgraded by lvl, rank and * or prestige.
    So summoner can go from 1* R1/01 to 1*R2/20 then be Prestiged into a 2* hero.
    Upgraded and leveled again until ready for 3* Prestiged and so on until the summoner is a 5* R6/60 Champion.
    Prestiging takes more Catalysts and Alpha Catalysts than 4* and 5* heroes and could even cost units to do.

    Step 10- Awakening the Summoner

    Upon reaching 5* Prestige, Rank 6, Lvl 60, the player can now prestige again into the 6* champion.
    This automatically awakens the Summoner.

    Player then picks a signature ability from one of many already in game.
    That concludes the Create-A-Summoner.

    This adds a new dynamic and hundreds of grind hours to the game.
    Kabam can also sell outfits and powers and move sets for Units so its a win-win.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,181 ★★★
    Some interesting ideas here, won't mention all of them but here it goes. I think increasing the level cap could work, kabam have said there are no plans for it just yet but at some point I think it will go up, just not straight to 100.

    Having bigger alliances sounds good too but I think it would be better to have 5 battle groups to keep 10 players in each. Otherwise the AW map and AQ layout would have to scale up in size quite a bit and if you're adding an extra 20 spaces per alliance, a lot of alliances won't be able to fill up. 20 new players aren't going to appear if and when that feature was added so It could be difficult for a while. Plus the points scored in each event will scale up too so something would probably need to be done there, new minimums that change depending on how many members there are maybe?

    I also really like the training grounds idea, the only thing I would change is to take away the shards or other rewards and remove the daily limit. That way you can practice as often as you want using different champions to find new counters to the ones you struggle with. At the minute I use duels to do that but the daily limit is restricting. Other than that, great idea imo and I think a lot of people would find that useful.

    Quite a few good characters mentioned in the event quests as well, there are a couple I'm not particularly bothered about personally but I'm sure others would be happy to see them added.

    The only one I really don't like is the create a summoner idea. I know you've put a lot of thought into it but I don't think it would work for this game. The actual gameplay is great and the way everything works and how much it has improved since the game was first released (excluding bugs and lag etc). It's great to have so many marvel characters in one game and being able to play as them all and improving your roster is great. I don't like the summoner idea because they wouldn't belong in the marvel universe. And I know you've made it difficult to upgrade them but once they are upgraded they'd be the go to champ for a lot of people because it's a combination of the abilities they like in game, it could possibly become overpowered too. If this was the case, the main champ we use would no longer be associated with marvel. But that's only my opinion and I can see why others would like it.

    Apologies for the long post lol.
  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    Thanks. Everything was clean and positive, (for once on the forums)
    I know alot of it is wishful thinking and these are just my ideas. Some are great and some just suck.
    But the creative criticism is what im after.
    My biggest wish is that the Training Grounds come.
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