Recruiting: AQ Map 5 all days, 3 BG AW in Season, 2 BG AW off Season

Our tag is APC2 and we're an 12 million rating Alliance. We are looking for recruits before the start of AQ. We play AQ all 5 days, and run 2 BGs in AW off season, 3 BGs during the season. We are looking for active players who are helpful and communicate well in the game. You'll need 5/50s or better to get through paths in AQ and AW. We don't push for spending, and ideally players don't need to use items for content. All we ask is that you show up and help the team.

We totally accept that life is priority over a game, and only hope you make the effort, and communicate when you're around. But please don't join if you'll be a no show. We have minimums for all events but Arena.

We now use the Line App. Please have this information ready if you are looking to join. Message any Officer or the Leader in the game. Please tell them you found this reddit post and give them your Line information to start a chat with the team. (Please do not message me here or in-game, as I'm am not an officer, so I cannot add you to this group.)

Thanks for reading!
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