The rumors are true!!!

I ran into this in Act 5.2. The AI is blocking hits mid combo. Worse than that, they are blocking mid combo specials. You know, the only way you can damage them? Convenient, cheap, and cheat ridden Kabam. I am recording from now on, and will EASILY have proof because it happens consistently. AT LEAST once per battle. The AI will block specials after 1,2,3, or 4 hit combos. I know you can't do a special after 5 hits, but this is ridiculous. After 1 hit!?! New low guys. You really need to look into this, but, since it affects players negatively and profits positively, I won't hold my breath. FYI, I will have hard evidence if that makes any difference. We can post videos right? Or is that against TOS? Anyway, EVERYONE HAVING THIS ISSUE, PLEASE REPLY. Got to get to the bottom of this


  • FireatwillFireatwill Posts: 98
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    Yeah, if you can get a recording do so. I posted about this earlier in the week but have no way of screen recording. They seem to say they'll fix it with 14.0 based on what I saw in another post, but that could be a while from now and it has cost everyone a tonnnn of resources already at this point.
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    I would like to mention that I just ate a combo in AW. It was unavoidable. My l3 animation ends and he is already punching me when the animation is over.
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