Looking for a new Alliance to Join

89k hero rated player looking for a new AUST/NZ Alliance. PM Bulmkt Jr or message Bulmkt on the Line App if interested.

If the Alliance is all good - then my main account could join also.


  • WVPride91WVPride91 Posts: 74
    I have a 1.2 mil allaince lookinnfor members! WV PRIDE is in game name. We will be getting rid of the weaker members as soon as we get stronger ones. My hero rating is 210k
  • SwingtwistersSwingtwisters Posts: 155
    Hey, we are worldwide and have had Aussies in the past. Lemme kno, map32222 sa weekly.
    My line is: swingtwisters
  • SteAl205SteAl205 Posts: 1
    3.6 mil alliance, Line ID is SteAl205, add me there if you want to join
  • JBW1313JBW1313 Posts: 25
    We uave 2 aussies currently and could add you to that battle group. We are a 6mil alliance looking to fill some gaps. We have map5 experience but are slowing down and concetrating on AW 3x weekly. We have 6 slots open and want to grow our own, by working with newer players and building them up. We have a good mix of high and mid level players. We dont stress events just active participation in AQ and AW and good comms thru clan hq. We complete SA weekly, no saving. Life is life and mcoc is a game. Come with us have fun grow your roster and get stronger. Ign is jbw1313, line jbw1313, clanhq jbw1313#y0sp. We are [_IA_] intergalactic alliance. Check us out.
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