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Ultimate Solo Crystals

IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 386 ★★
edited April 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
With the direction the game is going, perhaps an Ultimate Solo Crystal can be created? These can contain awakening gems of any class (or basic) for 4* champs, possibly 5*, greater boosts for arena too, etc. Make these 10,000 shards to form one. The game keeps pushing for stronger champs


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    Rednick69Rednick69 Posts: 325
    It's time for an update to all of the solo events and rewards.
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    Yes yes yes. Please someone at Kabam take this idea up to the game team.
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    Azrael908Azrael908 Posts: 16
    Seriously... solo events should be giving better rewards by now.
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    IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 386 ★★
    zeezee57 wrote: »
    They really need to update ALL rewards. The game has evolved so much but rewards have stayed stagnant the entire time. It's nonsense that most rewards are pointless for most players. Solo and greater solo crystals, quest crystals, arena boost crystals, most solo event rewards. Even monthly event quest rewards are lagging far behind the current state of the game. Kabam is quick to make changes in every area except when it comes to rewarding players for their commitment and effort to the game. As always our opinions will be ignored.

    Yep! And if the player has any advantage, that's quickly fixed in an update/patch, but if THEIR AI has the advantage (like since 17.2..) they take their damn time fixing it. But oh, let's buff Sentry instead!
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