Looking for 5 people, 5K prestige for AQ map 5x5 & AW Gold 1

[IXF] Inhuman X-Force is looking for players with prestige about 5,000.

We are a 11 million alliance running map 5x5 in expert tier. We are more focused on AQ, but we do run 3 wars per week. This past season we finished in Gold 1 and will aim to at least stay there for next season. Event requirements are 15K for completion, 650k minimum for duels, and weekly donations are 100,000 gold, 30,000 battle chips and 5,000 loyalty (more is always welcome!).

We are looking for someone that can run their own lane in map 5 and kill a few bosses here and there. We require Facebook for communication. We do have a Facebook page, but primarily use messenger for our communication.

If you are interested, contact Anakin Sciluk, Scarred Pool, or Hound in game. I have LINE for recruiting and can be reached at AnakinSciluk
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