Would be nice to have an autofight system where I could just send my team into one of the more simple quests (daily cat quests especially), and it just tells me when it's done. Or maybe a system where if my team meets a certain "minimum strength", I could just exchange the energy to do the quest for the rewards?
If you have a strong enough team, there's no way you actually need to worry about not finishing the quest on I'd gladly just hand over the energy in exchange for the quest rewards if I didn't have to sit there and babysit my phone to push through the moves, repeatedly sitting "start", etc.


  • That's actually a good idea. They could also charge a few units or gold for instant completion. Most mobile games have similar features.
  • IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 366
    The problem with that is, even with teams that "meet minimum suggested PI requirement" you still can't finish the quest. This option removes skill needed (unless they up the PI minimum).

  • ChimpyboyChimpyboy Posts: 44
    edited April 2018
    When I say "minimum"...I mean, a new minimum...not the recommended min that's already in there, but a minimum that is so high that if you meet it, it becomes mathematically impossible for the AI to defeat the autoplay AI.

    When I take my roster of 5 4/40s into the t1 or t2 basic cat daily quest - the whole thing is on autofight - I just have to watch the phone, press fight, next, fight, next, fight...yawn. there is no skill involved in this.

    So I'm just proposing that if you have a strong enough team to 100% the quest with little to no damage taken - then there should just be a way where I can say, "here, take my 42 energy, you give me the 2 basic t2 cats, some gold, etc.", and I can get on with my day instead of having to stare at the AI play on my phone for 15min.
  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 738 ★★
    Its called "simulate fight" and in most games that offer it its more likely to have your 5 star super team struggle to finish out medium setting quests. Or do what the top guys do and write scripts. Also who stares at autofight? I tap buttons on three different devices and go back to editing, tho once I ran a completed path on 5.1 and wasted 70 energy not paying attention.
  • MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 881 ★★★
    This is the kind of thing they shouldn't do and why I don't play those games. It just turns a game into a mindless, unengaging, boring, repetitive task.
  • ChimpyboyChimpyboy Posts: 44
    I don't stare at it...but I have to keep glancing over to advance it to the next fight...if u think that's not mindless and unengaging, I've got a wall of paint u might be interested in watching dry.
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