Not receiving basic arena rewards



  • Ajm74Ajm74 Posts: 13
    Ranked in the 2300's. No rewards yet. Alliance mates that ranked in the 4,5 and 6000's all claimed their mordos. A moderator acknowledging the problem would be SUPER right about now. K? Thanks!
  • Nico010915Nico010915 Posts: 41
    I haven't received any rewards either. I finished with 5.6mil
  • 13u113t13u113t Posts: 1
    Same here. Still no rewards
  • RazrwireRazrwire Posts: 2
    Same here. Waiting for rewards.
  • Ajm74Ajm74 Posts: 13
    According to a poster on Reddit... customer support is telling people the problem is they didn't rank high enough for rewards. So glad they've got a firm grasp on this problem and situation. #Sarcasm
  • Gimli_SoGGimli_SoG Posts: 88
    I haven't received rewards either
  • VaniteliaVanitelia Posts: 21
    Likewise. 5.596mil. No rewards either


  • Stark7989Stark7989 Posts: 11

    Same here. No rewards yet.
  • I haven't received my rewards either. n8rmz08clxko.png
  • ScorpiodsuScorpiodsu Posts: 21
    Even if people didn't do enough for Mordo (where a lot did) most still should have gotten the shard rank rewards. Everyone who hit the required milestone is bottom 50% at the minimum. So that customer service response is BS.
  • I haven't received my rewards either. n8rmz08clxko.png

  • GrinderGrinder Posts: 242
    Still waiting on my rewards from dimensional rupture...
  • MeowMeMeowMe Posts: 2
    Did 5.5 mil didn't get any reward as well. Not sure if it's enough for mordo tho
  • RHJoKeRRHJoKeR Posts: 1
    I have the same issue, i ended as 6203rd with more than 5,9 mil. and got no rewards yet.
    Yeah me either I did 7.4 mil!!!!!!!!! I want my mordo!!!
  • ScorpiodsuScorpiodsu Posts: 21
    I raised a ticket and got the attached response 7uaed85m8dk2.png
    Where's our mordos kabam!!!!!
  • MfallsMfalls Posts: 94
    I got the canned you will receive a response to your ticket within 1 business day.
  • 9:00PM Eastern Time - not received yet.

  • Luko23Luko23 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issues
  • Same reward...nsbzo1x68t6k.png
  • ScorpiodsuScorpiodsu Posts: 21
    Mfalls wrote: »
    I got the canned you will receive a response to your ticket within 1 business day.

    Yeah I got that initially when I first did the support ticket. Then I got the about e response. Hopefully, they are looking into it and it's just a timing issue.
  • I wrote to support and they told me that it could take to 24 hours.
  • ig35qtootd2t.png
  • SafarSafar Posts: 1
    I wonder what was cut off
  • clcubingclcubing Posts: 29
    Same here. 6 Mil and still haven't gotten him. Whats going on?
  • ThatsausageThatsausage Posts: 214
    Its reported that 5.1 got him. But we arent for sure given the current problem. It may be lower than 5.1.
    I put in 5.6, one other in my ally put 6.0 and we havent received anything yet. Many others as well.
  • CRE4TORCRE4TOR Posts: 39
    edited May 2017
    I am in the same boat as many others. I've sent a ticket in just to make sure my issue is known. Please adjust the brackets so that all these missed scores are tallied in to the total will undoubtedly lower the cutoff.
  • RazrwireRazrwire Posts: 2
    I think this has happened before with those who already received their rewards will receive them again.
  • Cagh10156Cagh10156 Posts: 22
    This is what I just got from them :(xbd4ouaiy1cv.png
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