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Who to r5 as 4 star or r3 as 5 star

I can r5 a 4 star or r3 a 5 star skill champ which one should I do out of the top row. Please help I can't decide. Should I wait and see if I can dupe them.


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    adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    Blade!!! Maybe gwen
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    iW0nderingWolfiW0nderingWolf Posts: 81
    Yh that's who I was thinking but I'm not sure between those two lol
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    Gwen for sure. If you had Blade as a 5 star I'd say go with him. But of these options, GP is your best bet. Some people I know actually prefer GP to Blade for some of the end game content.
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    iW0nderingWolfiW0nderingWolf Posts: 81
    Yh. I use blade for aw with the spidey synergy. That is why I can't decide
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