AWS1 85TH G1, AWS2 Platinum bound! LF 2


🔥Alliance🔥 We are an organized, skilled Euro-American alliance looking to improve our roster and standings. Our leadership team strives to remain objective in all that is brought to us and values the input of our members. We do utilize ClanHQ app for our source or operation.

🔥Members🔥 As members come and go due to real life demands, our alliance is looking for 2 players with 6k+ prestige who are active, skilled and play smart to get the job done with minimal ko's and item use.

🔥AQ🔥 It is our belief that map 6 is not worth the time, resources and effort to complete because the rewards are currently inadequate; we run map 5 only. Our current prestige starts at ~6100.

🔥AW🔥 4 weeks out from the end of season 1 we were ranked ~180 in P3. Some of the lesser skilled members we had at the time were unable to follow through on their lanes and it cost us dearly. We finished season 1 ranked 85th in G1 and those players have since been replaced. Our goal for AW season 2 is platinum level rewards.

🔥Events🔥 As T1Alphas become more scarce, we have committed to earning them in each 3-day event with out having to impose minimums.

If you have any interest or questions, please fill free to message here in CHQ (preferred) or LINE (mrchristmas726).


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