Let the ancients rise again!!! (12.0 god revival)

Doctor Strange:
Would settle for 8 second cycles and a buff to his 3 phases cause rn both Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, and Morningstar outclass potentially even pre12 DS

She needs her 100% back cause wow! Her damage isn’t even good compared to Elektra (resonate) and Gwenpool

nuff said!

Iron Fist… the armor break nerfing really hurt him from legend material to “meh above average I guess”

Scarlet Witch:
Honesty rebalance the distribution of her abilities and she’s gold but even without that she’s still solid even if only Demi-God

Starlord: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nothing needed

Cyclops? Armor break nerf kinda hurt both of them really hard

I know it’s kinda blasé to complain about their nerf a year later but with the power creep including unique synergies and just absurd champs being added returning these guys need to comeback in force

(Also release all the champs into 5* star champs especially AoU Vision and the fallen gods)


    edited April 16
    I love how they have a 5* Sabretooth but treating wolverine like the bastard they want to forget about
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