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Looking for an alliance as of this moment. Current prestige is 7k, Experience in different map from 1-6, AQ/AW mini and boss killer. Current placement from the 1st AW season is master and just trying to come down tier but still want to stay competitive. Leave your IGN/Line Id and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks


  • Shroud1969Shroud1969 Posts: 22
    Hey - we might be a little low but in overall prestige for you - but check us out!

    Humanity's Last Stand. AQ - 55422 (this week) - maybe 55333 next. AW - Silver (working on that - moving up!).

    I wouldn't call us a retirement alliance, we just merged top players from two alliances to make an active but casual alliance of adults who have jobs and kids and lives.

    We are look full, but have 3 alts we would kick for like minded players. We use Line for communication.

    Shroud1969 (In Game: Blade / Line: Spawn)

    Anyone else? Ping me!
  • Bubba6161Bubba6161 Posts: 101
    Hi Anon. I will have some spots open after this AQ and can accommodate any timezone. Currently platinum 3 and finished 142 last season.

    Alliance tag: DH-DŁ
    IGN: •Łegion
    Line ID: Bubba6161
  • TurtleJamesTurtleJames Posts: 23
    IGN: TurtleJames (line also)
    14.5M Gold 1. 55555 Expert
  • Venom787Venom787 Posts: 111
    Hey pal @AN0NYM0US 5x5 here, top 100 in Gold1, 13mil rating. Adult alliance with zero dramas and that ****, together for almost two years. All milestones 100% in all 3-day events. Next season probably gonna finish top50 in Gold1 but with some luck Platinum3 doesn't sound impossible. If interested or need more info free to hit me up on Line, ID is venom787
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 101
    Hey ANON. We are currently seeking raplacements due to retirement. We are currently ranked gold 1 and look to stay At that rank. We hover around tier 4-5 ish. In AQ we have just reduced the maps to try and make it easier for AW spends and tier 1 alphas. Currently we are doing 53333. We are a 13.3 mil alliance and we have 2 US bg’s and a Euro bg so can accommodate pretty much anything.

    IGN: B1gGaz
    Ally Tag: UNCH2
    Line ID: Harleyndaddy
  • jlc80203jlc80203 Posts: 50

    line ID = mrchristmas726
    alliance tag = SB E

    -map 5 only, top 400
    -no event minimums
    -easy donations
    -top 100 G1 alliance. AWS2, P3. We amhave already replaced weak links
  • aetoliusaetolius Posts: 5
    Marvel Quest Warriors (M.Q.W)
    IGN: aetolius
    Line ID: Aetolius

    We run 65555, finished Gold 2 tier last season after oscillating between G1 and G2. Looking to firmly plant in G1 next season. Spend most of the time in tier 6 war. Pretty diverse and laid-back group with people from Turkey, UK, Australia, US mostly. 10M alliance rating. Hit me up if interested.
  • HeddartaHeddarta Posts: 106
    We have a different mix of positions available in alliance depending on your focus. We have worked up to Tier 6 AW. Very organized to make things fun while growing progressively together - community is a top priority. LineID: Heddarta.
  • RehctansBewRehctansBew Posts: 436
    Hi AoN, we have need for some experience like yours. Line id: Sammasam

    SHIELD HEROES, 16 mill
    2614 war rating
    130 plat 3
    109 AQ 56555
  • Shocka_BrahShocka_Brah Posts: 33
    We could use a boss killer. Got a few that aren't keeping up and looking to replace them. AQ 5x5 and AW focused. Gold tier 2 last season. Line and IGN: Shocka Brah
  • RjmendezRjmendez Posts: 15
    My line ID is Rjm123 hit me up c6cigwvuunu7.jpeg
  • wyh0b3re1vkl.png
  • Gold tier 1 AQ 5x5. Relaxed group but we hit almost all events to keep those t1 alphas rolling in. Line if is crtaylorz11 or game is is ¥DaemonBlackfyre¥
  • SuciferSucifer Posts: 41
    edited April 15
    Currently rebuilding alliance. We run map 3x5. We use line. War rating 1100+ tier 11. Need a great player to help push my alliance. Will be at 20ish member after aq week is over

    Ign sucifer
    Line id sucifer3
  • gnews85gnews85 Posts: 96
    Hey man, would love to have you. Newly formed plat3 alli. Very laid back, war focused, stress free but still competitive environment.

    Line: gnews85
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 62
    Hello, we are map5 only alliance top 600 in expert. Finished in Gold 1 last season. Alliance tag is D.A.O

    Contact me via Line if interested, QuikPik.
  • RafamateRafamate Posts: 32
    15mil alliance, currently in gold 1 but aiming for platinum 3 at the end of AW season, have a couple of long term members retiring so we have an opening.

    Look me up in the game and message me if you like the alliance. Good luck!
  • MissMissyMissMissy Posts: 73

    IGN: GigaHeXx
    Line: MissMissy8222
  • Hey Anonymous...
    Look for me In Game... my alliance is reorganizing for Planium 3.

    Kid Ranxerox
  • 6vyvn4j0kddm.jpg
  • angelocrtzangelocrtz Posts: 55
    line ID and IGN: is angelocrtz look me see if we interest you could use some one with your expertise
  • IGN: Harry Roxx. Line ID: Legendary Harry Roxx. Alliance: MP!R3 (1337)
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 298
    Name: Fixit Mobb. LINE: fixitmobb Alliance: Fixit Crime Syndicate
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 567

    We are a 9.5 mil, 44332 AQ, Gold 3 AW active alliance. We have a bunch of positive, good guys. Check us out at Nerd Brigade. If you are interested, hit us up on line @geedoesit or @groundround. I hope that you find a great new place to hang out. If you are still looking, though, it would be worth giving us a look. Thanks.
  • Method419Method419 Posts: 5
    IGN: method419
    Line id: thundercats1p03p9l6ngeo9.jpeg
  • TensioTensio Posts: 71
    @Anonymous still loooking?

    IGN: tens1o
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 103
    rtommad Line and in game

    10mil need one before AQ today

    Communication and Participation all members have a blast at the same time kicking ass
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 508
    Tensio wrote: »
    @Anonymous still loooking?

    IGN: tens1o

    Wrong anonymous lol. I got tagged. No worries though
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