13mil alliance, 5x5, AW tier3-4, Gold1 looking for killer :)

So, we are highly organized alliance which is together for more than a year. Sadly we are losing one of our long term members due to private reasons and looking for one new long term family member.

We play AQ map 5 all 5 days (all BGs 100%) with total score ~120mil (top600).

Our AW rating is 2.1k atm, finished 125. in Gold1 last season.

All 3-day events are 100% including arena wins and perfect series as we have a lot arena grinders.

SA 650k+ everytime.

Donations are usually about 120k gold, 25k BC and 11.5k loyality

About you: You should be able to handle your own paths in both AQ and AW and have prestige at least 5500. Also you should be guy/girl without private life as we ask for activity.
Nah, just joking, you can have private life but still be very active :)

For more info hit me on Line and let's roll together, my ID is venom787



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