Bleed node in AQ - Map 4 for reference

So, I had not noticed because we use to take down all node linked before fight a (mini) boss in AQ, but today we left a bleed node left in AQ map4 with a Ultron in mini boss 2.
The linked node says "Inflicts Bleed, draining 100% Health over 60 seconds". No one had a bleed immune, so I tried to fight with my Hyperion, then X-23 but bleed out both. My X23 has 12K health (aprox.) I could regen good part of the fight, all my 3 bars filled before I died, I also have Willpower, so some bleed I was regen back too, and I died in 2:13 of the fight and that bleed indicator was just a little more than a half counting. So in my calculator I could bleed almost 100 seconds, or even more. That's crazy.

With this in hand I have some questions:
1- If I have Willpower, will that bleed node gain a extra damage to take all our health till us die, or we can survive to Bleed node with willpower? Think, 100% in 60 seconds, but if we regen 10%, as example, the damage will be 110% correct?

2- In the same way, if I regen via a champion's ability Can I survive after that 60 seconds has passed from a bleed node? Or will I bleed till die? So if I regen during all the fight is not only 60 seconds

3- Rogue and Blade have the ability to recover faster from debuffs. Let's take Rogue, she decreases debuffs by 70%, in that case will she speed up the processs of bleed and die 70% faster ( like 18 seconds)? Or will she take 70% less damage from that node and survive to bleed? Or even, she will survive 70% more than others champions in that node (102 seconds) and die in the end?

4- In all this cases the linked node is missing some informations, it doesn't let know if we can or not survive after that 60 seconds. It could be written "Inflicts Bleed, draining 100% Health over 60 seconds. The count is proportional to champion's resistance."

Some thoughts?


  • EvilRazorEvilRazor Posts: 143
    5- Also, that bleed is based off max health or current health? Because I had X23 with 7k of 12k Health and could survive 47 seconds in that fight, plus the regens


    This can be a relative node as same as Degen and Poison nodes too
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