Don't want to left mcoc

Please thats a humble request ..... Give some good 5* champs for game play....many time pull just arena playing heros....if u do then i am very thankful to you


  • mtoufeeqmtoufeeq Posts: 4
    I love this game alot...and play much but when open 5* and got not useful hero believe me heart is ♥
  • Mr_aka89Mr_aka89 Posts: 6
    most of people complain about what they get.and when Kabam cares and answer you. you would get nothing more than the word sorry....
    and it's good that you did not mention your 5* hero's because you will get a lot of comments here from another players trying their best to convince you that you have a good hero's.they act like Kabam hired them.
  • mtoufeeqmtoufeeq Posts: 4
    U right but i just say give us ...good heros because if kabam give some good we will play more ....if they stop our intereste will b loose & one day we left it
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