the Others

Hi. My In-game ID is Morris241 and I'm leader of the Others (Tag: 0th3rs) created in january 2018. We are a friendly bunch, most of us keeping together for another couple months, trying to find a home. We've created this place to tackle game together, whatever it has to offer and I'm happy to announce recruitment to the forums.
We are trying to get to map 5, yet we leave no man behind and in effect still actively play map 4 and 3, depending on bosses and AW. We've hit Silver 2 in season 1, currently tier 14, still climbing. We hit SA weekly and complete all major alliance events by hitting personal targets. We use Line to strategize and support each other, devoting time to motivate and coach each other.
We're looking for active, friendly and map 3/4 experienced team players rated between 100k to 200k.
If you are interested, please hit me up on Line or in game, my ID is Morris241 for both.


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