4* Star-Lord

Finally dupped my 4* Star-Lord with added stones to Sig 43. Should i rank him to level 4 or go out right to level 5. I have yet to have any 5* Tech champions


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    It depends on your need, he is certainly still as awesome as before, upto 400 combo cap, after dupped with reasonable sig (best to sig 99 but not necessary, even at sig 43 he is decent enough to deal good damage). However, starky is probably more worthy to R5, do you already have your starky max out?

    For my case, my dupped 4* Starky is currently at R5/50, and my dupped 4* SL is at R4/40. I actually also R5/50 my 4* Ultron as I need his regen and double immunity.
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  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 119
    Above are my other Tech champs and none as 5*
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    Incidentally I have collected all those 4* Tech champs, except for 4* Hulkbuster (still missing this dude), 4* Vision OG (still waiting for the deal, hopefully 3500 units to get him) and missing the new Sentinel. All my 4* tech are at least R3/30, with R5/50 = Ultron and Starky, R4/40 = Vision AoU, Star Lord, Yondu, and the rest currently at R3/30. I will bring GG, Nebula and Doc Oc to R4/40 as well, and I still plan to bring Vision to R5/50.

    Based on your list, you should prioritize SL if you can get high combo count without getting hit. You should also priortize Vision for power control and double immunity if you don't have other similar candidates. You should also consider Doc Oc for his utilities, and Ultron for his regen and double immunities and other good utilities, as well as Nebula (if you can build up at least 5 charges, but best if 20 max charges).
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