Recriuting for 9m ally

Ascension is recruiting active, experienced members (200k+). Line app is primary source of communication and a requirement for all members. We are AQ & AW focused, events will oftentimes be run simultaneously. 5X5 AQ (expert tier) with min donation requirements of 120k gold, 30k bc, 10k loyalty. AW 2-3 times weekly, war rating 1300+. We hit all milestones for following events: duels, completion (15k), and item use. Generally score in the 6%-20% or 21%-40% bracket of SA, no save req. Core group built and expanded upon by team first players. Accountable for clearing individual lanes and aiming for top rewards. BG's assigned for AQ & AW by timezone. If interested, add on line app @ 'deejaymrvl'.
*U.S. based alliance, others welcome
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