Looking for ACTIVE newer players, summoner level 25+

We are a newer alliance. We run aq maps 1,2,3 and run 1 bg for war. We’re looking for strong members that wanna take a step back and chill or newer players that wanna learn the ropes. Leader and officers are retired veterans so we have the knowledge to help newer players grow fast or if you’re just like us and burned out from map 5 and higher tiers of war you can come joins us also.
There are 0 donations
Event minimums are not required but if you wish to participate were not gonna stop you.
All we ask is that you’re on every day wether it’s for 1 hour or 8 hours or more.
And we ask if you join aq or war you’re participating. Don’t take someone’s spot if you’re not gonna be able to give it your all. It’s ok if you sit out.
If this sounds like what you’re looking for. Contact me


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