Looking to join an active alliance (very active)

7kidjake7kidjake Posts: 9
edited April 16 in Alliance Recruitment
I am new, but have grown quite quickly in skill. I can win most fights up to double my PI .I am very active and want to find and progress with an active ally.

you can contact me on line if you want to ;7kidjake


  • Morris241Morris241 Posts: 8
    What's your ranking and AQ experience? How's your story mode and event mode progression?
  • 7kidjake7kidjake Posts: 9
    act 2, almost act 1 100%, no aq experience as of yet unfortunately which is why I need an active ally to join. nearly done the monthly event in normal and 100 % the beginner already
  • Do you have line?
  • 7kidjake7kidjake Posts: 9
    yeah it's 7kidjake
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