My game accounts is running of an email I haven’t used in 2 years. Is there a way to move my old data onto a new account. I don’t remember my old email and password. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Hahahah,

    Welcome back! We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble accessing your old account! Please reach out to our Support Team, so that they can work with you to get you back in the game!

    When contacting them please make sure that you provide as much of the following information as possible to verify your account:

    1. Last 2 Purchases (Amount of real-world currency spent, if applicable and approximate within 1 day) i.e Google or iTunes purchases
    2. Last Login Date (approximate within 60 Days)
    3. Your account's name as it is displayed in-game
    4. Email linked to your account (this can be your GameCenter ID, Google Play ID, or your Kabam ID)
    5. Account Creation Date (approximate within 60 Days)
    **If you are having trouble remembering when you created your account, check the dates of some of your earliest achievements in your Google Play or Game Center accounts.
    6. Device and Device OS you were/are playing on
    7. Account Level, a few of your most powerful characters, and Alliance name (if you are part of one)
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